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Chicken Tooth

Chicken Tooth By D. L. Ennis  

     Last week, my wife and two of her oldest and dearest friends, Gladys Fletch and Sara Dumpling--yep, that's her name and she reminds me of a very large dumpling too, hell, after seeing her, it takes six months before me and my stomach can capitulate to eat chicken and dumplings, the picture just scandalizes me to a degree that is incomprehensible--went out for lunch at the Country Cooking.

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About the Hillbilly Chronicles

The Hillbilly Chronicles is a collection of fictional short stories by D L Ennis.  

The Hillbilly Chronicles are stories of the citizens of the fictional mountain community of Pig Waller Holler, Virginia. I have chosen to use the same narrator, who shall remain nameless for now, to narrate all of the Hillbilly Chronicles stories giving them more unity and allowing readers to feel more closeness to the people of Pig Waller Holler.

Our narrator is a laidback man in his mid-fifties that may just be a little wiser than most of the charters in the stories, at least he likes to think he is. One thing is for sure is, he has a thesaurus and he's not afraid to use it.

Episode #1--Alienated

'My wife and I are what some people may label, hillbillies. Well, we do live way back in the mountains; which incidentally, could hardly be characterized as hills. However, we are somewhat more sophisticated, and educated, than the average citizen of these forest. 

One night last year, my wife and I were sitting out on the deck admiring the clear sky and superfluity of its ornate glowing spheres and something strange happened; my wife, whom shall remain nameless, said to me, “Look at that star, it looks like it’s spinning.” I looked and retorted, “That ain’t no star; it’s an airoplane.” '


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